About Elkera

Our Mission

We are driven to make people’s lives that much better by improving the systems they use for work and business. We thrive on seeing high user satisfaction from new business software that we helped plan or design.

We like to remove waste and promote good design. We seek to enable efficient system interactions for staff and customers. We believe that user satisfaction with systems is at the heart of good business.

Our Service

We fulfil our mission by providing software project planning and project management services to enable small and medium enterprises to accurately define their requirements, minimise risks and maximise the return on investment from their software projects.

The Company

Elkera is owned and managed by Elkera’s principal consultant, Peter Meyer.

Elkera was formed in 2000 to provide digital content authoring and publishing systems for clients in the legal area, particularly legislative drafting agencies. Elkera successfully provided cutting-edge products to drafting agencies over more than 20 years before deciding to discontinue that work at the end of 2022.

Over the same period, Elkera has provided extensive consulting services, particularly to government clients, to plan large procurement projects for digital change software systems. Elkera now focuses solely on this work.

Our Core Values

  • Trust

    We focus solely on the success of our clients. We are completely independent from any potential solution suppliers. We do not promote specific products or technologies. We will always strive to do what we say, and more. We will be honest, fair, frank and fearless in all our dealings.

  • Quality

    We will always deliver high quality work and we aim always to delight our clients.

  • Value

    Value: Our focus is to deliver the maximum value to your organisation from your project. We carefully tailor each proposal to meet client needs.

Our Principal Consultant

Peter is Elkera’s business and information systems consultant.

Peter has master-level degrees in law and management. Peter also holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute.

Peter has more than 20 years of experience devising new software products, managing software product development, and undertaking business analysis for new projects. Peter also has extensive experience managing software businesses and also as a commercial lawyer.

Peter loves to work with small to medium enterprises who need to replace an obsolete software system or introduce new software to automate or simplify existing processes.

Peter is always looking to make the best use of new technologies. Peter has a deep understanding, from decades of work managing software projects, that the correct selection of technological solutions requires a complete understanding of business needs and of the value that a particular solution should deliver to the business.

Peter likes to eliminate waste in business processes, to find better ways of working, and to help setup software projects for success. Peter works with clients to set their objectives based on business value, to undertake business analysis, to define their requirements, and to plan change for new business software projects. Peter helps clients to plan their new software systems to minimise risks, maximise business benefits and satisfy system users.