Business Consulting

Elkera provides business consulting services to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with a range of strategic projects.

  • Do you need to improve business processes to reduce waste or improve service delivery?
  • Do you want to set up a governance framework for planning and prioritising new software projects?
  • Do you need to develop a strategic business proposal or submission?
  • Do you want to evaluate a project or undertaking for commercial and compliance risks?
  • Do you have an unusual business problem where you need an experienced business person and strategic thinker to help out?

In any of those cases, Elkera’s principal consultant may be able to quickly understand your issues and work with you to develop a solution.

Peter Meyer, Elkera’s principal consultant, has extensive experience as a commercial lawyer, as a business entrepreneur who has developed two software start-ups, as a software project manager, and as a business and IT consultant.  Peter is a certified project manager (PMP) with more than 20 years of software project management and IT-related consulting experience.  Peter’s broad experience enables him to quickly understand business problems and identify innovative solution approaches.

Particular areas of expertise

Business process improvement

Peter is an experienced business analyst with excellent skills in analysing business processes and workflows to identify waste and inefficient activity. Peter analyses business processes using functional decomposition and business process modelling.  Peter can help you re-design your processes to reduce costs and improve service delivery.

Project governance framework

A software projects governance framework will help establish and reinforce the important mindsets that are necessary to effective project planning and allow new projects to be effectively planned from the outset. Before establishing a governance framework, it may be desirable to develop a strategic plan for your systems.

Peter has extensive experience helping clients plan new software projects and can help you establish clear guidelines that will help everyone in the organisation to understand how to go about software project planning to maximise business benefits.

Evaluate commercial and compliance risks

Peter has extensive experience in commercial law, managing software businesses and managing large software projects.

Peter is highly experienced at assessing legal, commercial and IT-related project risks, and at developing risk management strategies.

Strategic business proposals and submissions

Peter has extensive experience as a commercial lawyer, software business manager and IT consultant preparing business proposals for request for tender responses, client engagement or to make strategic submissions to the government.

Peter can conduct research, assess all relevant issues and develop a strategy that executes your business objectives.

Peter is an experienced writer and will efficiently produce high-quality documentation for a wide range of projects.

Develop innovative solutions to complex commercial problems

Peter’s extensive experience in law, business management, software project management, professional IT-related consulting means that he can take just about any commercially related problem, analyse it, and develop an innovative and practical response.

Peter always looks at the big picture, while taking account of the detail.

Peter always rigorously assesses the available information about other parties whose decisions are relevant to an outcome and tries to place himself in their shoes to assess how they may respond to likely events.

Contact Peter Meyer

If you have a business problem similar to anything discussed above, please contact Peter Meyer to confidentially discuss the problem and to see if Peter is the right person to help. Your confidentiality is assured.

Phone: +61 418 980 220


Elkera and Peter do not represent or promote any third-party interests, products or services.

Peter may help to identify legal issues but he does not provide legal advice.