Business & IT Project Management

Does your organisation:

  • Need to manage the relationship with the supplier under a software procurement contract?
  • Have personnel reporting ongoing problems with business processes and collaborations across several business units?
  • Have an unusual business project that requires extensive stakeholder inputs and analysis of requirements?

Is your organisation diverting team members from their normal duties to undertake tasks such as those above that are outside their fields of expertise?

Elkera provides professional project management and business analysis services to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to manage software procurement projects or other business change projects. Elkera helps you to solve business problems, efficiently manage projects, minimise risks and maximise project benefits.

Manage software procurements

If you have already planned your software project and are now entering the procurement process to choose a solution provider, there are many issues and risks to manage. These include: vendor capability, vendor reliability, alignment of payments with product delivery, change control, acceptance testing, deployment, ongoing product support, and your internal management of organisational change.

These issues can be complex. Usually, they require expert management. They should not be left to inexperienced personnel.

Elkera will provide an expert project manager who will guide you through the complete procurement process to avoid common pitfalls and maximise the benefits of your project.

Business process review

It can be highly wasteful and damaging to personnel well-being when there are unresolved problems with inefficient interactions or collaborations between business units.

Often, the problems cannot be addressed because business processes are poorly defined and may be completely undocumented. Without a clear definition of processes, the desired outputs and affected stakeholders, there is no basis for managers to efficiently resolve the issues.

Elkera will provide an expert business process analyst and project manager to help you define and document relevant business processes, and optimise them for more efficient interactions between personnel.

An example of this type of work is provided in the Elkera Case study – Provide Analytical Tools for a Limited Internal Business Process Review by a Not-for-Profit.

Ad hoc business projects

If you have an unusual project that requires a structured management approach, Elkera’s expert project manager and business consultant will optimise your planning to maximise project benefits.

Don’t be tempted to leave the project to inexperienced personnel. Diverting them from their normal duties is likely to be a false economy.

Elkera’s expertise

Elkera’s principal consultant is an experienced business manager and certified project manager (PMP) with more than 20 years of experience as a software project management and business analyst.

Our consultant has planned and managed the development of multiple complex software applications and worked extensively with clients to plan and deliver successful project results.

Our consultant’s experience also includes a strong commercial legal practice background which is invaluable in planning and managing complex procurements.

Elkera’s principal consultant is experienced working with agile and traditional (waterfall) software delivery approaches.

Elkera tailors its services to meet your needs, based on the size and complexity of the project. You can engage us to provide occasional advise while you run your project or you can engage us to actively manage your project. Either way, you can be confident that your investment will minimise risks, enhance your project and maximise your business benefits.

The Benefits of Elkera’s Expert Project Manager

The benefits you will obtain from engaging Elkera’s expert project manager include:

  • Requirement Review

    We will review your requirements, if already prepared, and recommend areas where improvement may be required.

  • Seek Solution Proposals

    We will assist you to seek solution proposals from the widest range of possible solution providers.

  • Plan Procurement and Align Payments

    We will help you to plan the procurement and align payments with the value of delivered software.

  • Testing Process

    We will help you set up an effective acceptance testing process so you can assess the quality of the delivered solution.

  • Risk management

    We will help you to assess and manage risks during the procurement process.

  • Implement Changes

    We will help you to plan and implement changes that are required to effectively derive the full benefits from the new software.